The civic association 21Games OZ is a group of young people with the aim of bringing values that benefit for young people in eastern Slovakia. We have been organizing events for a long time, together we have organized 25 events with a total participation of over 4,000 participants. We worked since 2016, we organized a high school e-sports leagues. The largest and most comprehensive Gamefair Košice 2019 event with the participation of approximately one thousand people took place in the TUKE University Library and more than 100 players were involved in the tournament. We provided participants with lectures, stands, unique speakers, IT news, virtual reality, racing simulators, cosplay, celebrities, influencers, professional commentary and administration of the tournament part for the general public. We take the preparation of these events comprehensively, we have experience with the preparation – from the very idea through the realization of the event to its evaluation. We also organize lectures in public education in cooperation with ŠVKK. And we also help other organizations in raising awareness and developing gaming sector in eastern Slovakia.