I have an idea but I do not have nor the company neither the team. Can I still sign up?

Sure, individuals and / or teams with ideas at the early stage of development can sign up for the competition. When completing the registration form, it is necessary to answer the basic questions about the innovation, its benefits and its comparison to existing competitors (in other words, have an overview of what already exists in the world). The idea should have the potential to develop into the form of a service or product in the future.

I already have a company, can I still sign up for a competition as a startup?

Individuals, teams, as well as legal entities can sign-up for the competition. If your idea / project has been developed to a level where Startup Center TUKE can no longer offer support, the expert panel that reviews the applications can recommend you directly to Incubator TUKE.

Can I sing-up for the competition even when I am no longer a student?

Yes, the competition is open to the general public, not just to students. We have no age limit set. If individuals are not eligible for legal acts (under 18 years of age), their legal representatives (for example, when entering into a contract) are acting for them.

What is the procedure? What’s next?

The contest for innovative ideas is opened all year, but there are two cicles (deadlines, ussually january and july) whan we evaluate registered projects. After evaluating the registered projects by the expert panel, the selected projects are invited to a pitch presentation, which is held with the participation of the espert panel.

Do I pay for the participation?

Participation at the contest as well as the Acceleration programme for selected startups in the Startup center TUKE during the 6-month period are free of charge. Individuals from the winning teams will sign a contract. The purpose of the contract is to determine the conditions for activities in the Startup center TUKE and to establish the terms of cooperation. Startup teams are not required to share any equity.

What follows after 6 months of Acceleration programme in the Startup centre TUKE?

Startups may based on evaluation by expert panel:

  1. extend their stay at the Startup center TUKE for additional 6 months,
  2. terminate their stay in the Startup center,
  3. be invited to the Incubator TUKE (only applicable for startups already established as legal entities).

What is the difference between Startup centre TUKE and Incubator TUKE?

The Startup center TUKE focuses primarily on the development of innovative ideas and support the development of startups in the pre-incubation (or preparation) phase. Individuals and teams without legal entity are eligible to become members of the Startup centre TUKE. The Incubator TUKE is the space for developing of innovative startups as  legal entities (individuals and teams without legal entity can not become members).

Is it possible to raise capital from the Startup center TUKE, if so, in what form?

The Startup center TUKE does not offer any financial support to startups. Startup support only takes the form of in-kind support (for more information, see the Q/A above “What can I get?”).

What makes the Startup centre TUKE different from the contest?

We are part of the innovation ecosystem of the Košice region, where several initiatives support startups in different forms. Based on our best knowledge, support of each of them is focused on a different stage of development in different forms, therefore there is no direct competition. Startup center TUKE is perceived as one of the possible ways to brink your idea to the market. TUKE provides a comprehensive concept of acceleration and startup support, consisting of the Startup center TUKE and the Incubator TUKE. Our advantage is the acces to expertise and infrastructure of the Technical University in Košice and the capacities that the university can provide.

Is Startup centre TUKE an organisation or company?

No, it is not. Startup center TUKE is a project of the USP TECHNICOM, within the TUKE organizational structure it is a part of the Rectorate.