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Incubator TUKE

Incubator TUKE is part of the University Science Park TECHNICOM ecosystem and it is a key component of business acceleration, technology transfer and innovation built within the concept of the university science park. Its purpose is to create a motivating environment in the region of Košice and Prešov, which will help to develop innovative ideas in various domains. The main objective is to start a process that will encourage people to realize their innovative ideas and help transform the idea into a commercially useful product or a service. The focus of the TUKE is to form the structures, such as the Incubator, to promote the area of innovation and technology transfer. This support is in the form of high quality expert advice as well as the state-of-the-art research infrastructure.

University science park TECHNICOM for innovation applications supported by knowledge technologies (USP TECHNICOM) is implemented under the Operational Program Research and Development and is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund. Its goal is to create a business center – bringing together business incubator and accelerator services that help start-ups and spin-offs in business.

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Incubator TUKE as part of USP TECHNICOM

USP TECHNICOM performs the following functions:

  • secures the formation of business incubators for small and medium-sized hi-tech companies, startup and spin-off companies formed mainly on the basis of relevant research and development outputs realized as a part of the research, innovation activities and projects of universities and institutes of Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS),
  • promotes effective and mutually beneficial R&D cooperation between universities and SAS departments, and relevant organizations from the social and economic areas,
    creates the suitable conditions for the continual growth of R&D with a permanent impact on the transfer of knowledge and technology, or innovative practice at international, national and regional level,
  • in cooperation with the University Center for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Protection (UCITT) at TUKE, it is the first contact point for companies that seek cooperation with research and development teams from university departments,
  • provides counseling, educational activities, and performs expert activities.