Jakub Lipták

e-mail: corvest.ort@gmail.com

Today, almost 90% of people suffer from back pain, which is caused by a sedentary job and a passive lifestyle. CORVEST focuses on solving this problem, using a smart T-shirt. By wearing it, in addition to correcting incorrect posture, the back pain is also alleviated. CORVEST serves mainly as a complement to the treatment of incorrect posture, for its prevention and motivation. In addition, its breathable material provides the complete comfort.

How does it work?

The moment you start crouching, the T-shirt will immediately react and remind you to align the posture. Information about your posture is sent to a mobile application, which stores it and evaluates your ongoing progress. The application also provides the user with the opportunity to use exercises designed for specific problem and communicate directly with the physiotherapist.

Why Corvest?

  • Breathable and elastic material that provides the complete comfort.
  • It does not cause discomfort caused by pulling on the muscles.
  • Monitoring and analysis of your progress while wearing Corvest.

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