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Startup deals with the hazardous waste disposal – cigarette filters, which are the most common waste on the planet. More than 10 million cigarettes are sold every minute and more than half end up on the ground. Startup EcoButt focuses primarily on the collection and subsequent recycling of cigarette filters. It guarantees a complete management of the cigarette waste and the environmental progress that is currently necessary. In the first step (collecting), the filters will be collected using containers located in places where smokers often appear. The service will be offered to towns (EcoButt public ashtrays), businesses (cafes, restaurants), companies as well as housing associations and individuals. These containers will be emptied regularly, for a fee, and their contents will be recycled. The second step is the recycling itself, which involves drying of filters and when mixed with bitumen (a binder used in the production of asphalt) it prevents the translocation of toxic substances. After their encapsulation with bitumen, the filters will be added to the asphalt mixture. Research by the RMIT University has shown that asphalt containing filters is able to withstand, according to current standards, high loads and its advantage is the ability to absorb heat radiating from the asphalt.

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