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Dávid Tököly

At FOTOLITHO, we offer our customers a unique experience by materializing their memories in the form of a 3D photograph, the so-called lithophane image. At first glance, the image looks like an amorphous plastic plate. The whole magic lies in the use of light, which illuminates the lithophane image and shows a detailed 3D photograph that the customer sends us. The customer chooses any type of photo or image they would like to have as the litophane. We edit and post-process the photo into a form suitable for production. As the main product we produce images in standardized sizes 10×15 cm and 15×10 cm. We have developed our own design for the image and light holder, which is easy and simple to produce, thus we are able to offer a complete (ready-to-go) product. When plugged into the power (5V) using the USB-C port, the customer can enjoy the unique view of the glowing image. The image does not have to be just a classic boring rectangular shape, just suitable for hanging on the wall. We are able to produce images of different shapes. Rounded, or even in the shape of a heart or a Christmas ball. Also a cylindrical picture that can be installed on a lamp. We can produce paintings up to a size of 30×30 cm, which means we can cover the requirements of even the most demanding customers. The customer gets a ready-to-go product with integrated light and easy USB-C connection to the network.