Peter Michaľov

There are several problems we want to avoid introducing the project. We are planning to get rid of having the enormous amount of receipts which are printed in business premises, then scanned in households due to them getting faded really fast. Consequently we want to make sure people have an easier overview of their shopping and finances. Moreover, using this simple procedure we will help people solve the summary of their receipts. Needless to say, another problem we want to talk about is environmental protection in terms of not using that much paper and ink.

The solution is development of software which will be installed in cash registers. Consequently there is  development of an application which will communicate  with the software and cards. Customers come to the cash register, apply their mobile phones / or cards/ with the application mentioned above. The application afterwards stops printing receipts. The whole purchase is displayed in the mobile phone application / the date and items/. All the items are lined up in categories / groceries, electronics, chemist’s, etc./ The final result is that receipts do not have to be scanned and stored. Customers will find everything in the application on the basis of a key word  ‘product’. The receipt is at customer’s disposal for a period of 2 years. The complaint about the item can simply be made anytime the customer wants to.