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HRIIS s.r.o.

Eduard Popovič

The platform solves the issue in HR, which is taken online from the start to the finish, the so-called Hire To Retire. The solution contains a mini Job portal, where the company publishes job offers, then, after the candidates register it assigns states on them and thus moves them further or, on the contrary, rejects them. The platform also solves the testing of job candidates and the immediate evaluation of tests. Once the candidate has been selected, the necessary documents are prepared (case of other nationality), upon arrival at the company, he or she is ready for all onboarding processes, as they are part of the platform. The training of employees and the cycle in the company is recorded in the platform. The platform also solves the termination of the employment and thus begins the whole process from the beginning.

The platform and all steps are composed of microprocesses, allowing to set rules and automation, streamline the routine activities. From the very beginning, all processes are running in the platform online, this contributes to the clarity of steps, streamlines the processes and the eliminates the errors and duplication both for the employer and the employee. The undeniable advantage of the application is the existence of an online job market, where it is possible to find an employee / employer and thus make job search more effective, but also to eliminate the re-entry of all necessary data, as all are already available in the online platform.

Note: Pulsawork – formerly known as HRIIS