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Akadémia mentálnych algoritov, o.z.

Michal Mikulaško

Focus AML startup is centered to the social innovation of human mind transformation in a sense of INDUSTRY 5.0 concept as well as its implementing to the field of lifelong learning in each community. That represents a man hands returns to the traditional way of learning skills by engaging his sensory perception and imagination by using available digital technologies.

The goal is to provide comprehensive digital services related to the methodological programs its organization and implementation directed to developing 21st century key competences in the context of the workforce preparation and its integration into the future labor market.

The main product is an innovative method program called NUMERIKA, which is based on the traditional Japanese method – motor learning and mental computation, which supports the development of grounded cognition and brain functions stimulation directed not only to mathematical thinking.

The program is covered by the digital platform MIND3X, which will enable the user and education provider to effectively implement their curriculum activities through LMS (Learning Management System) in connection with the harmonized information system (ERP II.)

The digital environment integrated into the school social space and the user home environment provides E-Learning in the form of model-oriented courses, achieving self-directed independent micro-learning and real-time assessment.

Gamification and training game activities creates an experience cognitive environment for players to quickly acquire key competences in thinking and increase self-confidence in achieving set goals. The interactive simulator ARISMO (digital simulator of model arithmetic calculations) helps to effectively develop playful creativity and evaluate acquired skills of quick thinking and mental computation.

The online gaming module gives each participant the opportunity to participate in an ongoing contest according to his or her abilities in order to increase his or her competency qualifications and ability to be successful, thus promoting entrepreneurial creativity.

Note: AML – formerly known as MIND3X