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APONI s.r.o.

Ivana Nováková

APONI is an innovative startup dedicated to the implementation of interactive augmented reality (AR) to business domain. The APONI view software is the company’s innovative product, it is used as an effective tool for increasing the quality, control and productivity in the business environment. The APONI VIEW software solution is the intelligent system for implementing augmented reality within the company. The system is following the principles of the intelligent industry concept in terms of production, operation of machines and individualization of projects. APONI VIEW technology has been developed primarily for industrial companies, including logistics companies, manufacturing companies and assembly lines.

The principal goal is the implementation of the intelligent system for monitoring, processing and evaluating of critical information in the company environment, while using augmented reality as a functioning instrument. The software solution is designed to follow the possible interconnection of existing SAP solutions in the business environment in order to unify the processes. This creates a possibility of complete process digitization and also a unified system for machine manufacturers with production lines and enables a stable foundation for the construction of Factory of the future.