Jozef Badár

Our main goal is effective decision making through the collection and evaluation of smart data. The current situation in cities and enterprises often suffers from sub-optimal services and infrastructure, outdated data and hard to process analog data. This situation seriously affects the quality of decision-making. However, with the unavailability of a unified data acquisition solution, effective decision making becomes even more challenging. In this context, we have developed a hardware suite that enables data collection in public buildings. Our solution is customizable and easily scalable. We can also focus on traffic optimization and deploy the system in public transport vehicles and public cameras. With the ability to tailor data collection to specific requirements, we are able to provide accurate and relevant information. In addition, we offer the possibility of a test deployment to verify the benefits of our solution. Our suite of equipment is affordable and requires a low initial investment. The solution also enables the acquisition of secondary data, such as building thermal management and air quality information. This data provides additional information that supports decision-making related to the efficiency and sustainability of urban infrastructure. Our solution aims to improve the efficiency of decision-making and optimization of services and infrastructure in cities, businesses and transportation assets through the collection and evaluation of smart data. We believe that the deployment of our system and the use of advanced technologies can bring real change and lead to better functioning cities and transport. Our intention is to provide businesses and cities with the means to make effective decisions that will deliver positive results and improve the quality of life for citizens.