CEELABS, s.r.o.

Peter Feciľak
e-mail: peter.fecilak@ceelabs.com
web: CEELABS.com

CEELABS is a progressive startup, it is an example of a successful interconnection between the scientific research activities and practice. The team consisting of specialists and researchers from the Computer Networks Laboratory at the Department of Computers and Informatics FEEI TUKE, as well as of external parties, has developed an innovative solution from the emerging trend of the Internet of Things. CEELABS develops distributed HW and SW solution for information collection and management of so-called SmartGrid Networks. The prototype of a unique intelligent “smart meter” was developed. It enables export of the real-time electricity consumption, through a secure communication to the cloud environment for later processing. The solution extends the properties of traditional smart meters with the new elements, adding possibility to perform an analysis of non-standard situations and predict the development of energy consumption at a specific consumption location. Based on the detailed data on energy consumption obtained in this way, a mathematical model can be extracted to evaluate the behavior of electrical appliances in households or at the collection point. The user interface available via the web or mobile application allows the end user to monitor and evaluate the electricity consumption of individual appliances and at the same time easily and quickly identify various anomalies in their behavior. Such non-standard behavior can be evaluated almost immediately, as the smart metering solution developed by the CEELABS team enables real-time reading. The data obtained in this way can be used to create information about real-time events in the household. Currently, the CEELABS startup team is in the TUKE Incubator, after successful stay in the Startup Center TUKE.