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CDE Services, s.r.o.

Dominik Lakatoš.

CeoHire startup is focused on the development of solution for the search and recruitment of talents for managerial and management positions, while following the modern and innovative approaches of data analysis, processing of publicly available resources and machine learning.

The goal is to use modern and innovative approaches as well as real experience of experts in the given field to create a software service that will: reduce time to find a suitable candidate for an open job, reduce the number of people participating in the search, and find an employee with the most suitable profile for the position. We bring the power of machine learning into the very process of seeking possible candidates for an open job position. One part of this process is also a predefined structure for specifying the requirements for the job position, while this process will guide the user automatically. We also want to bring the power of machine learning into the process for evaluation of candidates and thus speed up and improve the whole system for hiring new employees for managerial and management positions.

The innovativeness of the idea is in the correct set up of machine learning, the use of data engineering and processing of exclusive data having more than 10 year records that contain information from the search and successful recruitment of employees in the international company. It is through the use of the experience recorded in the data that we have at our disposal, in combination with innovative technologies, that we will set a new direction for improving and streamlining the processes in the field of talent recruitment.