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grant UP, s. r. o.

Tomáš Pavlik

Making grants accessible to everyone – this is our vision with which we founded grantUP magazine. Ordinary people and entrepreneurs in most cases have no idea about the benefits and possibilities of grants – and we are far from just thinking about ESIF. Even if people become interested in grants, they will encounter a number of barriers, ambiguities and foreign terms. The purpose of grantUP lies in the gradual education of the wide society and entrepreneurs in the field of search, preparation, application for grants, but also the implementation of projects that receive funding. We will regularly bring tips in these areas, we will monitor opportunities such as calls and events, but we will also bring interviews and success stories as inspiration. We are the first magazine and podcast about grants in Slovakia and we believe that we will be able to fulfill our vision by raising awareness of this topic which will contribute to the country’s innovation potential.