HRAI (Hipstersaurus Rex Apps)

Hipstersaurus Rex Apps (HRAI) is a start-up based in Slovakia focused on game development for mobile platforms. The business plan focuses on creating sustainable games using innovative means to do so. The developers and co-founders put their thoughts and opinions into the products and therefore creating their added value and highlighting specific aspects of life. The main point and effort lie in connecting fun and games with “message”. Their products are offered to customers for free while the start-up is gaining revenue from offering extra services and from implemented non-intrusive rewarded video-ads, which are used by a player to gain in-game currency (and therefore they are motivated to watch them). The game mechanics are developed by analyzing various psychological aspects in games and by studying current trends in the gaming industry. In the future, the start-up is planning to work on games implementing artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality.

Nowadays, the start-up is working on a game called VIP Trip Trivia (a quiz-based trivia game integrating various smaller games) and on an educational title in cooperation with The National Agency for Regional Development.


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Contact persons

Mária Franková a Ján Matajzík, Co-founders
+421 (0) 911 529 266


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