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The constantly deteriorating health of children and the growing problem of their overweight. In the COVID period alone, the number of overweight children increased to 30% of the child population. In addition to reduced physical activity, harmful eating habits are also a sign of this.

Virtual application “Kuchyňáčik”, offers one of the ways how to educate the child population to a proper eating habit and ecological behavior in a modern and attractive way for children and young people. In the first step, children learn to recognize healthy and wholesome foods, which they grow in an interactive way in a virtual environment. Subsequently, in the second step, they also prepare raw materials in a virtual environment and process them into ready-made healthy meals. The third step is 3D PRINTING DISHES – (3D food printing) pre-run.

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Miriam Tomičová
e-mail: tomicova.miriam@gmail.com



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