Startup profile

MAO / Media Art Office

Richard Kitta

The start-up MAO / Media Art Office is focused on the realization, application and creative transfer of a set of author’s scientific-artistic and research concepts, which were created on the basis of the FU TUKE expert labs under the leadership of the excellent MAO team. The artworks set consists of digital interactive and innovative interfaces, which in the intentions of contemporary media art offer the possibility of permanent application and installation in a public environment (site specific, indoor/outdoor). The goal and content of the start-up is the design, implementation of the prototype, testing, interaction and overall transfer (TT, IPRs) of artworks, in which media digital art (SW) is connected in a specific and original way with analog elements (HW), architecture or by design. An important part of the interdisciplinary project is also the reflection of the possibilities of real application of the art & science segment, especially from the point of view of the development of the local creative industry.
Based on our experience in this field, we want to focus on the realization and specific application of the team’s artistic outputs in public space (with no geographical limitation). The innovative approach consists of the original connection of different scientific areas within a given complex artistic output, at the same time it is an innovative combination of various social and artistic topics that occur sporadically in our environment.
Start up MAO refers to a creative and pro-commercialized service that aims to create a spin-off entity focusing on the design and application of contemporary media art forms with co-educational and utilitarian potential. Considered set of scientific-artistic concepts which is intended for implementation has an interdisciplinary and co-educational character. In addition to cooperation with other TUKE faculties and their workplaces (EkF and others), there will also be intensive communication with external partners from creative and entrepreneurial practice.