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Peter Rusiňak

The onselo platform, a solution in the area of social innovations, will help our seniors and loved ones in cities and rural areas to improve the standard of living and deliver essential goods and services. Difficult mobility and transport? The onselo app will allow them to stay in the comfort of their own home and get medicine, medical supplies, food, social taxi and repair services from verified local providers. A practical application that will help all of us, but especially families living far from each other, to solve e.g. buying food for elderly parents or grandparents when we are on a business trip or vacation, live far away or work abroad.
Help for some, opportunity for others. The ambition of the platform is not only to offer help to those who need it, but also to open opportunities for small providers of social, health, technical and craft services and goods directly in their region. The network of service suppliers in onselo is being built among small business owners, farmers, but also those offering social and health care.