POH, s.r.o.

Matej Plesník
e-mail: konatel@poh.sk
web: poh.sk

Start-up POH solves three problems. 1. Water retention in the country – At present, we are already feeling the impact of climate change on our territory, that we have a longer period of drought and small water cycles are disrupted. The urbanization of the landscape prevented the infiltration and retention of rainwater in the area and therefore the solution of the retention car park will ensure the retention of rainwater in the technical solution. 2. Used materials from recovered waste – the whole technical solution is “unfolded” from materials that have been recycled and found for their further use and thus extends the life of the material in the life cycle and is returned to the cycle of raw materials within the circular economy. In 2018, we reached a level of municipal waste recycling at 38.1% at SVK. We can also meet the set target of 60% by 2030 by using these solutions. 3. Employment – tech. the solution will directly employ local people and indirectly support the creation of employment in the collection of raw materials for recycling, the so-called green jobs.