Sharoon Ilyas

The Startup will be mainly focusing on the development of the presented software product (Modular & Scalable ERP System). The goal is to create a system through which users can create their own web applications composed of modules and plugins and pay only for those services which they actually use. Along with this, we will be looking into new ideas and further improvements in the software products being developed. From the development of web applications to the development of mobile applications, custom software and cloud services, this startup will deal with all. Moreover our main focus is to make all the desired services and features available in one single system (the main product of the Startup). All the services which are available in other major projects in big companies will be eventually available in our main product as modules and plugins. Another major goal of the startup is to develop a community for the startup’s main product, to which other developers and freelancers around the world can contribute and earn from the modules/plugins which they will create.