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Erik Kuzma

The StartUp project of the SmartCity Group deals with the development of products in the smartcity concept. The Smartcities concept is a comprehensive approach to the functioning of a city region, which cuts across different societal areas such as culture, transport, environment, infrastructure, energy, social services and more.

( from left: Samuel Schnelly, Richard Šofranko, Erik Kuzma )

We are currently developing an automated control system called Flow Control. The programmable logic controller (PLC) is a key element of our Flow Control system. Thanks to this innovative technology, we can use software to control the physical elements and wiring with high precision and reliability.

We deploy the system on various projects but mainly on fountains where thanks to automation it is possible to save 30% of energy per month.

We also deal with digitalization and realization of multimedia fountains. The Conrad product is a comprehensive and autonomous control system for lighting, fountains, hydraulic structures and water components. Its advantage is that the entire system is very easy to build and therefore does not require a large technical background for its operation. The system can communicate with several available protocols for controlling dynamic or static elements. This increases its scalability.

The system supports the two most widely used protocols in the control of dynamic or static components. For dynamic components, there is support for control using the Art-Net protocol, which can be further converted to various other protocols or physical signals. Scenic and therefore static components can be controlled using the well-known DALI protocol. This protocol is the most widely used in the static element control industry.
Currently we have a total of 6 fountains implemented, 5 of them in Košice and one in the village of Čečejovce. Of which 2 fountains are multimedia including music and projection modes.