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E-Commerce Association

In our company, we focus on developing the storePredictor system, which is based on predictive analytics with focus on reducing costs for e-commerce and improving cash flow planning. Using modern elements of machine learning and data evaluation, we develop our own unique mathematical model that simulates customer behavior and predicts future sales of the store based on the data obtained. At the level of individual products, we try to help with warehouse management and predict individual sales. As a result, we reduce costs for e-shops and free up money that can be better used to grow their business. We present the obtained data to our customers in our own online application, which is available from anywhere. As well as a simple REST API, thanks to which they can connect data to their systems exactly according to their needs. We rely on the simple connection of measurement scripts to the e-shops of our customers, thanks to which we will provide them with the greatest possible comfort in the use of our prediction data. Of course, the evaluation of predicted data directly in our application, which provides e-shop owners with relevant data for the growth of their business, quickly and easily.

Note: E-Commerce Association – formerly known as storePredictor