Peter Gašpar

A sales portal with fine art, where artists enter with their works. Artists create their own virtual 3d gallery from default editable options and place their 3d-scanned works of art in it. The artist fills in a prescribed caption about each published work, including the selection criteria. The site visitor has the opportunity to walk through the 3D gallery and filter his own sub-gallery and in it confront his idea of the purchased work with the offer, while regardless of its actual size or weight, the work can be taken off the stand and viewed in 3D format or borrowed directly and work into your own 3D visualization, either for your own use or for selling to another client. In addition, the visitor can chat with the author about the work online, agree on possible modifications and the price. However, even after being sold, the work can remain in the gallery, because the intention of the project is also to serve as a database of existing contemporary art. The provider will participate in the sale of the work and will be a guarantee of a safe trade for both parties. Part of the profit will be used to support the fine arts through our own non-profit organization, for example awarding annual awards for extraordinary contribution, etc.