BodyFix (formerly known as Vystri sa!) brings a health care innovation to health experts and their clients.

For experts, represents a complete system for running their business. It includes the possibility to create client’s card and history, includes clients archive, online diagnostics of curvature, online calendar and reservation system, chat and the possibility to insert images to client’s card and proposal of exercises for the client.

For clients and the general public, offers a mobile application with exercises made by BodyFix physiotherapist, or the exercises proposed by their specific physician, therapist or trainer. It is available both for iOS and Android.

Our goal is to give entrepreneurs (physiotherapists, sports doctors, trainers, teachers, and ordinary people) a tool that not only facilitates their daily lives, but also gives them feedback on activities regarding the health of their clients. As a result, it is possible to better and more effectively prepare exercise, target muscle growth, manage processes, and thus improve the overall posture and health.

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