The “Green Revolution” is the impulse of a modern generation. Landscapes, cities, people dealing with aesthetics, ecology and technology of the environment they live in. Key issues of today’s society are climate change, urban sprawl, environmental impacts, water stress, migration, and extremely destructive human interference. The ideal solution, not only with financial, but also spatial and social benefits, is the use of green areas: green roofs and walls. Startup GREEN PIXEL deals with it. Startup logo is a square of squares of different green shades presenting a fuzzy picture of the green wall.
GREEN PIXEL consists of two words composed of 5 and 5 letters. The number 5 is transferred to the startup philosophy. 5 phases forming the product itself. 1. Design, 2. Construction – “flower pot”, 3. Vegetation + substrate, 4. Irrigation, 5. Realization. The result is a functional unit – a green wall of its own design and own production.

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Contact person

Ing. arch. Zuzana Poórová, PhD.
+421 915 460 387


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