Mentor / coach profile

Kvetoslava Sarvašová

PhDr. Kvetoslava Sarvašová is a lecturer and coach with a real life experience who uses many years of experience in the top management of foreign corporations, knowledge gained in specialized trainings as well as her strengths. She currently works both online and in-person as a soft skills trainer, mentor and business coach, providing soft skills trainings for state and private institutions and individuals, coaching of corporate and individual clients and consulting in  human resources management. In her work she uses the latest knowledge on personal development and neuroscience, coaching approach, interactivity and mindfulness techniques. She likes to share and help people improve their working and personal lives. She believes that we are best able to help ourselves and grow by means of our own internal resources, which we are often not aware of. She works intensively on her own self-development and provides her training and coaching in Slovak and English.