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The goal of the startup is to improve the conditions of drug management for clients living in social facilities, social service homes and patients living in the home environment in Slovakia. The MSDL (from Slovak monitorovací systém dávkovania liekov) is a drug management tool that dispenses medicines for oral use according the day of the week and the time of day at which they are to be taken.

MSDL enables to improve the working and safety conditions for the administration of drugs to patients and also contributes to reduction of the time required to prepare drugs for patients. In addition to managing the administration of drugs to the patient, the MSDL drug card also provides all the necessary information about the patient’s drug history. Due to the fact that the drug card is hermetically sealed once drugs are packaged, there is no loss of therapeutic effects of any drug.

The MSDL drug card consists of 2 parts, in the first packaged drugs are hermetically sealed for one client for 7 days / Cold Sealed/, the second part contains the name of the client, allergies to drugs, name of the drug(s), weight of the drug, time interval of drug administration /morning, lunch, dinner and night/, batch number of the drug, color of the drug, brand of the drug, shape of the drug, indication of whether it is a tablet or capsule. All this information prevents the occurrence of drug errors, due to the fact that the drugs are clearly named, there can be no confusion, overdose or underdose of the recipient.

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